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Oral and Poster Presenter Guidelines

The World Geothermal Congress Organising Committee welcomes your contribution to the 2015 Congress.

In order to ensure that your presentation runs smoothly, a number of services and facilities will be provided for you. Please take the time to read these guidelines ahead of time to ensure your presentation is successful.

Oral Presentation Guidelines

Poster Presentation Guidelines


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Author Access




The call for abstracts for the 2015 World Geothermal Congress on April 19-24, 2015 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Melbourne, Australia, has now closed.

Authors who have submitted abstracts already can check the status of their papers, and submit their papers by clicking on the link above. 

For any technical program enquiries please email 

Important Deadlines

Submission of abstract, papers and review by the WGC2015 Technical Program Committee consists of several steps, with the following strict deadlines:

• January 31 2014, Deadline for Abstract Submission
• February 1 – March 30 2014, Technical Program Committee review of Abstract.
• April 1 2014, Notification of acceptance of Abstract.
• May 30 2014, Deadline for the Submission for Technical Papers (for review).
• June 1 – August 31 2014, Technical Program Committee review of Technical Papers.
• September 1 2014, Technical Program Committee return submissions to authors following the review, with notification of acceptance and/or need for revisions.
• September 30 2014, Deadline for Final Technical Papers. Receipt of final, corrected papers in format specified. Papers not received by this date will not be included.
• February 1 2015, Technical Program Committee notifies authors of assignment of papers for presentation or poster session.


Topics for Technical Program

Topics for the Technical Program at the WGC2015 include:

General Topics
1. Country Updates*
2. Environmental and Societal Aspects
3. Legal and Regulatory Aspects
4. Economics and Financing
5. Sustainability
6. Case Histories
7. Energy Pricing and Policies
8. Business Strategies
9. Geothermal Education

Earth Science Topics
1. Exploration
2. Geology
3. Geophysics
4. Geochemistry
5. Hydrogeology
6. Resource Assessment
7. Geomicrobiology

Engineering Topics
1. Drilling and Completion Technology
2. Reservoir Engineering
3. Injection Technology
4. Field Management
5. Production Engineering and Steam Gathering Systems
6. Power Generation
7. Corrosion and Scaling
8. Direct Use
9. Geothermal Heat Pumps
10. Integrated Energy Systems, Cascaded Uses

Special Topics
1. EGS – Enhanced Geothermal Systems
2. Hot Sedimentary Aquifers (HSA)
3. Software for Geothermal Applications
4. Health, Tourism and Balneology
5. District Heating and Agriculture
6. Clean Development Mechanism
7. Advanced Technology (Magma, Geopressure, etc.)
8. Minerals Extraction and Processing

* Country Update papers are special papers that include statistical data on geothermal production and exploration activities using standard tables (that will be provided). Country Update papers authors may be invited by the Committee, however authors who wish to volunteer to prepare a Country Update are welcome to submit an Abstract in that category.